Why St. Mary’s Computers & Technology?

Kindergartners learn to program Sphero robots.
A 2nd grader builds a helicopter with Lego WeDo at robotics club.

St. Mary’s follows the International Standards for Technology in Education(ISTE) guidelines. Students K-6 attend a Computer Science class weekly. In addition, students in these grades enjoy a 1:1 device-to-student ratio and use computers in their classroom to enhance learning. St. Mary’s uses Google Classroom for Grades 1-6.

Students learn the basics of computer programming beginning in Kindergarten. Students begin with blockly and then in later grades begin to use snippets of Java code and Python. In the past, we have created projects in code.org, Scratch, Minecraft, Roblox Developer, and several other instructional websites and platforms. Students also experiment with physical coding with the Raspberry Pi and little bits electronic circuits. Students explore 3D printing with handheld pens and then use a Tinkercad program to design projects for the 3D printer.


St. Mary’s also offers robotics in the classroom as well as after school clubs. All students explore the Sphero and eventually learn to program it. Students grades 2-3 explore robotics with Lego WeDos. Grades 4-6 explore the Lego Mindstorms and Lego Prime. St. Mary’s competes in the Wyoming State Competition in Casper, Wy. Students spend the night away from home and attend the all-day competition on the first Saturday of December. The competition comprises of three parts: team work, a project, and the robot games. The emphasis of the competition is learning to work with others and resolve conflicts with teamwork and professionalism.