St. Mary’s Catholic School

What’s Happening at St. Mary’s…

Lego League Robotic Competition

Nuts for Bolts, receives feedback from a referee after a robot match at the Wyoming State Championship Games

Winners of the Judges Award

This year’s team brought home the Judge’s Trophy, for the team at the Wyoming State Lego League competition that most impressed the judges with their presentations

Food Drive

St. Mary’s Pre-K 4 raised the most money this year for St. Joseph’s Food Pantry.
St. Mary’s students raised about 1400 items to donate to the pantry.

Turkey Trot

St. Mary’s annual fall fundraiser

Bond Burning Celebration

St. Mary’s School has paid off all debt for the school building!

Visiting Coaches

Local LaCrosse coaches teach 5th graders how to play the game

St. Mary’s Catholic School 2021 – 2022


We are dedicated to providing an excellent education experience
rooted in the virtues and teaching of Jesus Christ.

In addition to K-6th grades, St. Mary’s offers full day Pre-K 3-4 classes, before and after school care on demand,
state of the art facility and educational resources, and low teacher/student ratios.

Catholic Schools contribute to better communities, more engaged citizenship, and more successful graduates (Campbell, Wolf 2001; Bining, Garnett 2009; Wile 2012).

By focusing on individual students, our school outperforms others on standardized tests.

Catholic Schools tend to operate as communities rather than bureaucracies, which links to higher levels of teacher commitment, student engagement, and student achievement (Mark, 2009, quoted by USCCB 2014).

“My husband and I are so grateful to the school for not only educating our children but for loving them every day.”

 “Each victory is celebrated,
and every setback is addressed compassionately. 

As a result, students at St. Mary’s soar.”

“They are encouraged to pray in good times and in bad, and most importantly for one another. 

We are a true family at St. Mary’s School and
will provide for one another when needed.”

“So many things have changed in our world over the past year, but one constant we have always felt strongly about is that our school was doing everything in their power to keep our kids safe and healthy, and they were taking all the necessary steps to keep moving forward with the educational growth of our children.”

“We are thankful we chose St. Mary’s Catholic School for our kids.  We know they are better for that choice, and we know our family is better for that choice.”

 “It is the numerous programs offered to the students at every level; and it is the comfort in knowing that everyone is there with a shared purpose – our children’s success.”