St. Mary's Catholic School

Educating the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, and physically

Children of all faith welcome and tuition assistance available



Language Arts

Kindergarten Reading, Students Will Develop:

  • Recognition and writing of upper and lower case letters.
  • Sound/symbol relationships.
  • Recognition of sight words.
  • Ability to identify rhyming sounds and understand the concept of opposites.
  • Reading with fluency.
  • Ability to use pictures and prior knowledge to decode and make predictions.
  • Ability to identify the parts of a book.
  • Understanding that letters, words, and sentences are different.

Kindergarten Writing, Students Will:

  • Use beginning writing skills.
  • Use phonemic awareness, letter-sound knowledge, letter formation, and directionality of print to express ideas.
  • Develop confidence in writing words and will progress to writing sentences.


Kindergarten Mathematics, Students will:

  • Recognize, count, and write numbers 0-20.
  • Sort objects by color, shape, and size.
  • Recognize 2 and 3 dimensional shapes.
  • Identify, create, and extend patterns.
  • Use positional words.
  • Examine and utilize tables, graphs, and fractions.
  • Exhibit addition and subtraction readiness.
  • Identify coins and their values.
  • Use a calendar and explore day, month, and year.
  • Count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s; and count to 50 by 2’s.
  • Explore measurement.
  • Compare two items (greater than/less than).


Kindergarten Religion, Students will:

  • Read and discuss the lives of Saints.
  • Develop an awareness of The Trinity.
  • Discuss the seasons of the Church.
  • Understand the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • Understand that we are a reflection of God’s love.
  • Understand that we must reflect God in all our actions.

Kindergarten prayers include:

  • Our Father
  • Hail Mary
  • Glory Be
  • The Prayer to the Guardian Angel
  • Grace before Meals
  • Sign of the Cross

Social Studies

Kindergarten Social Studies, Students Will:

  • Develop an awareness of family, community, and school.
  • Explore cultural diversity.


Kindergarten Science, the Student Will:

  • Investigate weather.
  • Explore nutrition and staying healthy.
  • Investigate the four seasons.
  • Examine planting and growing seeds.
  • Develop basic computer and SMART board skills.


Overview: The St. Mary’s School Music Curriculum is standard for all grade levels. These standards are to be included as part of the teaching process in elementary general music and middle school music to accomplish the assessment of the five competencies in musical skills. They are aligned with both the national and statewide standards.

Kindergarten Music, the Student Will:

  • Sing or play on instruments a varied repertoire of music. This includes appropriate technique, accurate pitches and rhythms with the proper range and degree of difficulty.
  • Create music.
  • Read and notate music. The includes reading, identifying and executing rhythms, melodies and expressive qualities with very easy literature in regards to key, meter, rhythm and range.
  • Listen to, analyze, evaluate and describe music used in the classroom.
  • Relate music to various historical and cultural traditions.

Kindergarten Music, the Student Will:

  • Become more beatful, tuneful and artful, by following the 12 steps of Music Literacy designed by Dr. John M. Feierabend.
  • Readiness rote Song Songs and rhymes are learned by rote that will contain rhythm and/or tonal content to be studied later.
  • Conversation Solfege Rote where students bond rhythm and tonal patterns with aural labels.
  • Decode – Familiar which requires aural recall and decoding of songs and rhymes presented by rote at the Readiness stage.
  • Decode – Unfamiliar.
  • Create – Think original musical thoughts.
  • Reading Rote – Introduction to notation symbols.
  • Reading Decode – Familiar.
  • Reading Decode – Unfamiliar.
  • Writing Rote – Learn to write notation.
  • Writing Decode – Familiar.
  • Writing Decode – Unfamiliar.
  • Writing Create or Composition.
  • Be introduced to hymns and repertoire of the Catholic Church to be sung at prayer service and weekly Thursday Mass.
  • Perform at least one concert per year.

Physical Education

Kindergarten Physical Education, the Student Will:

  • Explore Human Movement: body awareness, movement patters, develop self space, locomotor movement review, non-locomotor movement review.
  • Explore Animal Movement: compares, contrasts and performs animal movement to human movement.
  • Memorize and repeat patterns, sequencing, reasoning, number patterns through movement, and thought patterns through movement.
  • Examine Health: nutrition and wellness, eating healthy foods, and exercise.
  • Discuss Safety: know what to do in an emergency, using sport equipment safely, knowing which areas are safe and which are not.
  • Develop Teamwork: listening skills, following directions, group work, and cooperation.


At St. Mary’s Catholic School, we strive to create an artistic atmosphere where students gain confidence and creativity through hands-on experience.  We offer a variety of artistic media to inspire our students. We encouraging them to explore their imagination and use math and reading skills in their projects.

Kindergarten students learn about the color wheel, primary colors, mixing secondary colors, using line expressively, texture rubbing, symmetry, sculpting with various clay, sharing how they feel about a work of art, learning how to care for art supplies and materials, including clean up, displaying art work and appreciating the work of others.