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4th Grade Curriculum

Language Arts

Fourth Grade Reading, Students will:
  • Explore a variety of genre.
  • Understand summary, elements, sequence, and point of view.
  • Improve comprehension.
  • Expand vocabulary.
  • Practice information gathering.
  • Understand inference.
Fourth Grade Spelling and Phonics, Students will explore:
  • Consonant blends / vowel couplets.
  • Diagraphs, expectancies, syllabication.
  • Schwa, prefix, suffix.
  • 1st 1,000 sight words.
  • Language patterns.
Fourth Grade Writing and Grammar
Fourth grade students will study various types of writing:
  • Scientific
  • Expository
  • Expressive
  • Narrative
  • Persuasive
Fourth grade students will also focus on:
  • 6 + 1 Traits
  • Topic sentences & details
  • Summary
  • Use of Graphic Organizers – Prewriting
  • Color Cueing
  • Revising – expanding
  • Outlining
Fourth grade students will develop correct use of the English language:
  • Grammar – parts of speech
  • Punctuation – external and internal
  • Sentence Structure – syntax, run-ons and fragments


Fourth Grade Mathematics, the student will explore and develop skills in the following subjects:
  • Add, subtract and multiply larger numbers
  • Place value to one million
  • Money
  • Addition properties
  • Subtraction properties
  • Multiplication properties
  • Division properties
  • Time expended
  • Word problems/logic
  • Graphing, probability & statistics
  • Measurement, length and capacity weight (customary & metric)
  • Geometry – perimeter, area and volume


The Fourth Grade religion textbook is Christ Our Life: God Guides Us, published by Loyola Press.
The curriculum is divided into five units:
Getting to Know God
  • Through His Creation, and especially through His Son
  • Through Sacred Scripture (Students should be able to located verses in the Bible)
  • Through the Church
Our Call to Holiness
  • How to be a disciple of Jesus
  • The importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • The Eucharistic Celebration as the greatest prayer of the Church
  • God’s covenant with His people
  • Mary as the best disciple
Loving God Above All Else
  • This unit focuses upon the first three Commandments and how to live these Commandments
Loving Our Neighbors
  • This unit focuses upon the Fourth through Tenth Commandments (The student should be able to recite the Ten Commandments and explain ways to keep these Commandments. They should also recognize offenses against the Ten Commandments.)
Living the Beatitudes
  • Reaching out to those in need
  • Facing struggles with patience
  • Desiring purity and holiness
  • Seeking peace
The students will also become familiar with the Mysteries of the Rosary and be able to lead the rosary. In addition, they will be able to name the seasons of the Liturgical Calendar and identify important feast days. Fourth grade is also the first year in which students may be trained to become altar servers. Training sessions will take place in October.

Social Studies

Fourth Grade Social Studies, Students will explore the following topics:
  • Westward Expansion – Manifest Destiny
  • Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery & Louisiana Purchase
  • Wyoming History and Culture
  • Plains Indians


Fourth Grade Science, the Student will explore the following topics:
  • Weather
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Rocks & Minerals
  • Simple Machines
  • Scientific Method
  • Science Fair
  • Experimentation


Overview: The St. Mary’s School Music Curriculum is standard for all grade levels. These standards are to be included as part of the teaching process in elementary general music and middle school music to accomplish the assessment of the five competencies in musical skills. They are aligned with both the national and statewide standards.
Fourth Grade Music, the Student Will:
  • Sing or play on instruments a varied repertoire of music. This includes appropriate technique, accurate pitches and rhythms with the proper range and degree of difficulty.
  • Create music.
  • Read and notate music. The includes reading, identifying and executing rhythms, melodies and expressive qualities with very easy literature in regards to key, meter, rhythm and range.
  • Listen to, analyze, evaluate and describe music used in the classroom.
  • Relate music to various historical and cultural traditions.
  • Become more beatful, tuneful and artful, by following the 12 steps of Music Literacy designed by Dr. John M. Feierabend.
    1. Readiness rote Song Songs and rhymes are learned by rote that will contain rhythm and/or tonal content to be studied later.
    2. Conversation Solfege Rote where students bond rhythm and tonal patterns with aural labels.
    3. Decode – Familiar which requires aural recall and decoding of songs and rhymes presented by rote at the Readiness stage.
    4. Decode – Unfamiliar.
    5. Create – Think original musical thoughts.
    6. Reading Rote – Introduction to notation symbols.
    7. Reading Decode – Familiar.
    8. Reading Decode – Unfamiliar.
    9. Writing Rote – Learn to write notation.
    10. Writing Decode – Familiar.
    11. Writing Decode – Unfamiliar.
    12. Writing Create or Composition.
  • Be introduced to hymns and repertoire of the Catholic Church to be sung at prayer service and weekly Thursday Mass.
  • Perform at least one concert per year.
Students at St. Mary’s Catholic School may begin either a band or a string instrument in 4th grade. In the 4th and 5th grade instrumentalists programs, the goals are:
  • Holding instrument correctly
  • Good body position
  • Identify parts of instrument and proper care of instrument
  • Concert Bb scale (band); Concert D scale (strings)
  • Correct articulation (tonguing) (bowing)
  • Good citizenship by playing cooperatively
  • Good practicing habits
  • Performance opportunities
    • Veteran’s Day, Christmas, Solo and ensemble festival, Composition recital, Weekly masses

Physical Education

Fourth Grade Physical Education, the Student Will:
  • Be introduced to new team sports: Volleyball and Frisbee.
  • Continue the study of cooperative and leadership skills.
  • Appreciate each other for his or her levels of ability.
  • Create healthy relationships with classmates.
  • Discuss ways to deal with social challenges.
  • Develop lifetime activities: bowling, line dancing and square dancing.


At St. Mary’s Catholic School, we strive to create an artistic atmosphere where students gain confidence and creativity through hands-on experience.  We offer a variety of artistic media to inspire our students. We encouraging them to explore their imagination and use math and reading skills in their projects.

Fourth Grade students perceive and respond to works of art, objects in nature, events, and the environment. They also use the vocabulary of the visual arts to express their observation. They apply artistic processes and skills using a variety of media to communicate meaning. The student understands the role and development of the visual arts in the past and present cultures throughout the world. They continue to care for their space and materials.