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Religion & Math Intervention

Mrs. Stolz

My favorite aspect of teaching: I truly enjoy watching the intellectual and spiritual growth of the students. Since I teach at the middle school level, I usually have the opportunity to teach the same students for at least two years in a row, and it is wonderful to see the progress that a student makes from the beginning of his/her first year in my classroom to the end of the second year. Perhaps, a student’s writing is the best indication of his/her educational maturity, and I love reading what the students have to say. Finally, I look forward to finding out what professions/vocations my students will end up choosing in the future.

I have chosen to teach in a Catholic school because: At a Catholic School, I can teach the “whole child”. My goal is to do my part to help each child discover who it is God wants him/her to be and how he/she can use the information learned at school, as well as his/her God-given talents, to become that person.


Stolz_K.jpgYears teaching: 16

Education: Bachelor of Science in Education, Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio; Middle Childhood License with concentrations in Language Arts and Mathematics (Grades 4-9); Reading Endorsement (Grades K-12)