St. Mary's Catholic School

Educating the whole child: spiritually, intellectually and physically.

Kindergarten Mrs. Schmerge

What's Happening in Kindergarten

Kids are bunkering down into Camp Kindergarten. An update to follow upon getting settled. For now, the Kindergarteners have gone fishing...

About Me

Christine_Schmerge195.JPGYears teaching: 
28, 25 at St. Mary’s Catholic School

Bachelor of Arts, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education – University of Northern Colorado

What is the best thing about teaching: Teaching can be a very rewarding field. Every day is an adventure and it is so exciting to see the children’s faces light up when they learn something new.

Why have you chosen to be at St. Mary’s: I have always wanted to teach in a Catholic School because much more is taught there than just academics. We are allowed to teach the whole child including morals, values, responsibility and independence. I can’t imagine teaching without being allowed to stop to pray to God for help and thanksgiving.